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Related article: Date : Fri, July 3, 2009 December 40th 51 -0400 From: JW u003cjw1137 hotmail. com u003e Subject: Brooke 's story - among adults and young lesbians Author's note: No complicated plot and character development very carefully. Brooke approached me to write a story about his introduction, and support and monitoring in sexual matters. She gave me some brief suggestions based on the experiences I had and asked me to make a story out of it. I put aside my need to justify and explain all the characters and their motivation and simply designed a series of sexual vignettes. Even he managed to stop my obsession with realism and credibility. Thanks to Brooke for all the wonderful inspiration to write something just for the pure fun of it sexy. I hope readers enjoy it and let me know what you think in any case,. Jackie jw1137 hotmail. com Brooke is -1 The power of the original story of Jackie I am a 19 year old college am. Let pRetty young, n, in fact, not a younger than I should not read. I think he had a very interesting life, especially when it comes to sex. Let me tell you, you think... Friday night and had a wonderful week in my new school. I noticed the other car in the garage when I got in the way, so I knew I that his mother had company, but did not recognize the car. I went through the living room where her mother sat talking, what the judge was a black woman very very big. "Brooke !" My mother screamed, "Do you not say hello? " " Hello", I said from the doorway. I felt all eyes of the guests I mom. "This is Chris... a friend at work introduced me to her, she looks wonderful s things with hair. " " Hello Chris, you're a hairdresser? " \\ \\ n " Yes," the big dark-skinned woman said, " and I would do to your Brooke is so pretty and not wearing style simple, of justice. " \\ \\ n once again, I was very aware of how Chris was thoroughly to check out my body. In the last year or so I used this kind of visual attention men, but I had not realized before a woman. I entered a growth stage when I was eleven and in terms of my breasts s still going on thirteen. They were bigger than all the girls another freshman and even larger than half of older adults. The rest of the was also my way early on their way to the woman. My hips had expanded the small strip around my crack was now a thick bush. My mother is hairdresser -boyfriend shameless evaluation made ​​my skin tingle. " There's something wrong with the escape as a school so I could not shower n after training, so I have to take now. " " Well... I treasure later, so I'm good falls into place dad after dinner... " " Sure mom," I replied, looking back over his shoulder. It was hell exciting view of Chris. spoil my school clothes that I could not hit my pitchers resist fixed. I took my toweland a bad thought. ` If she wants me, why you're not a real show ? "N I opened the door with force and driven naked into the hall the towel that usually have wrapped around me. My pussy spasms in the screen of provocation, I attracted. I was careful not to look directly into the room, but from the corner of my eye I could see Chris looked at me. course in the Hall I " accidentally" dropped the towel. I stood there and looked at the as if trying to figure out how he got on the floor, or the manner of selection for as only a few seconds but felt much more. Her eyes made ​​me tingle the skin and pulse pussy. deliberately turned his back to the living room and bowed from the waist to keep the legs straight. hold the n towel I had my ass naked in the air, throwing for an extra second before to take and the procedures in the bathroom. closing the door behind me, I was breathless as walking a straight linea miles. Panting and leaning against the door, I enjoyed a delicious throb between the legs. The rush that I just stop to get Chris was a big surprise. When the barber saw me up and down during the presentation, not me in a sexy feeling in my stomach, but none of that. My fingers automatically went to separate the folded young leaves, which were as clean on my channel input slippery. As soon as he touched the hot opening, I felt the thick juice, which has already been collected, and pulled it with a finger on the button on the top of my wrinkles. Only a few slippery circles later in my love button and flexion of the hips. I felt my Pussy Down on the walls asking for something that hooks attached. I'm damned if inclined to a climax there the door of the bathroom, but strawberry I knew that my mother wanted to go, and I s not wanted in a hurry. The hot shower felt wonderful. soap scum stains on myHe also began to pound ripe breasts feelings again in my coochie. Elevation to me and expressed my deleted thumb on her areolas nail two inches before making a rotational movement about its black nipples finger size. Two or three quick pulses powerful blows pleasure in my pussy and I had my hips back idea. heat and pressure in my lower body building, and I knew I came to point where I had to go or stop. Teasing me thinking how this on what could happen by the friend of the head of my mother, I want to fuck his fingers deep into my finger yna a glorious climax, but , which was too fast. let the low rumbling sound sensations in the pelvis and ending wash. ` Later, I finger until I exploded," I promised my spasms childhood, when it dries. My pussy down again, when I opened the bathroom door. This time I looked in the direction of the living room as she walked naked down the hall. the look on Chris 's face ThriFilling. Tall neutral expression changed for a surprise and pleasure at the moment, which led me to on the floor of my room and shut the door. Once again I had to start trying to touch me, but has a instead of power and dressed. In the kitchen, I my homework every night the table when my mother began to wine, followed by Chris. " Hey honey... Chris has offered to do tonight in her hair... that is, if you want to. I will be out quite late, and could only stay Preteen Upskirt in their place. the night and I would pick up in the morning What do you think, " view of my mother, aspiring hair - stylist felt the blood out in my head. The view of the face of the girl with dark skin gave me showers. I was there with his hand covered in not knowing what n to do. " As a bonus, not be established in the table or cleaning. Chris says you can choose is a pizza on the way to his seat. " The beautician crossed the kitchen and began to usewith my hair. " You look beautiful... I could treasure a lot to do with this. " " So what about honey... I have fun! " Mother said, : enthusiastic. I'm tingling just nodded. Chris was as good as his word, and when he took the pizza even came to select the ingredients. He put together a little salad, because he said that Why does my vegetables. When I helped clean finish. I realized that looked so funny when I put the pieces in the curve of garbage. I think the summer dress last year was a bit short and had to learn to simply only a child when he bends Preteen Upskirt have to be careful, in a short n Rock. Chris told me I had to do all the things my hair in it bathroom. He took me to the bedroom and adjacent bathroom. The private bathroom was very large three-piece. Everything is done is a pink marble. That was a counter with two sinks and a large shower barn that could easily fit four people. The other wallhad a lower table with a chair in front to make your makeup. Chris smiled at me with astonishment and said :. " I think Preteen Upskirt you need a high light and I have to use some caustic chemicals " hollow hair gently with your fingers. "I have an apron that I use here in the room and I would not stain your pretty dress. " I think I saw from my expression that I do not understand. "Brooke will take off the dress, so do not go to ruin," to clarify what he meant. I felt like going to my stomach in a knot. When I removed all dressed in bra would has left in my white bikini. Trail bottom of my stomach felt really nervous and butterflies met when she came up behind me and unzipped. I felt a rush like a bucket hot water dumped on me, pushing the spaghetti the support of my shoulders and then began working before the end. I have seen his face when her dress fell to her waist. I can seeeyes n made ​​my pussy as my business contraction - too big for a 13 -year-old - boobies was in sight. She bent her knees and bowed her dress n so that I could leave it. Since I had left my sandals at the door I was barefoot. as clothing, underwear went last year and had to get very close to on my ass growing. I was embarrassed that my more than ample pubic hair jet black was not completely contained by the crotch of my tight shorts. Chris hung coat hooks straps to the back door. When he returned, he turned once more fluffy hair and smiled in a as I do not think I had seen before. " Do you wash your hair in the shower at home," she asked, still Füssing n and fixed her hair, who came to my shoulder blades. " No, " I said. "I knew Mom wanted to go, so do not want time. " " Oh... we have to go, to do that first, then," my barber private s informed me and put his hand on my lower back brings me to the shower. As we moved his hand slid down until it was covered in my underwear Preteen Upskirt the back of my pussy and began to hum. His eyes sparkled as she said again, "Sorry, I had a hand shower in it, so we will have, are a right in " was like his commentary on the harsh chemicals and my dress, thought knew what he meant, but did not succeed immediately. I wanted to step at the threshold of marble and glass shower, when n pulled back the waistband of my underwear and said, " Better get this out... you do not want to get wet all right? " My butterflies became a flock of birds, when I saw what s proverb. The buzz grew stronger between the legs when I realized that n will be naked. was about to cause, but this Preteen Upskirt was different - safe. She was six meters away and my mother was with us. She was an intermittent thing, but is always naked in her bathroom was only with us two yearthere. I hesitated, but despite my embarrassment, I realized I wanted. Chris is still quiet voice, is not correct tense expression on the face of it s. A look in her eyes was a desire for clarity, although not quite understand completely, what I saw. Other emotion I have a great noise as n I removed her panties. When you lift each leg in turn, the bikinis on my feet I realized thread juicy like me. ` You do not need to do about getting wet Preteen Upskirt in the rain... It seems that I've done a good job "and had a laugh suppress the thought of s. as the great lady took my white bikini on me, I felt his eyes wander all n over my young body. I like people who got used and the review did I'm proud of my development, but people are afraid of me. although very curious about sex with a couple, complications in pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases me think twice before experimenting. Chris was the first woman who had noticed pay the same kind of attention. not think about it was in exact terms, but a part of my sexual curiosity aroused anyway. I turned the shower and the reflection in the chrome bar , Chris push my underwear in the nose and mouth, as a lust in my pussy pulse caused almost stumbled on the threshold of the shower. Permanent how the cold dew I was adjusting the water temperature, when Chris said, I will come and help. I could not believe it, my ​​ears. I looked up and saw her stripped of her shorts and top. My stomach has pull and other I turned to the hot jet scared off all the great clock woman. I would get a real kick of teasing, but that was put the game to a whole new level. I was not sure he was ready for. The shower head was beaten just above my breasts and my nipples harden and pulled out as soldiers. "Get your hair wet honey," ordered my hairdresser, and I realized that n was right behind me in the barn. Icked my head under water and saturated soothing warm water in it seconds. Chris started using shampoo and rubbed his head hard the creation of a dense foam that ran in rivulets over my brown body. The warm Spray was in my chest and when I washed my hair felt his pendulous breasts pushed against my back. The slippery soap suds lubricated contact between her breasts and my skin. your fingers massage the scalp and came even closer when they worked. that s tits were crushed against my back and felt her pelvis against my - sensitive ass. The skin on the skin slippery slide made ​​my pussy sore and the shower head was teasing my nipples hard. I complained. "It feels good, right? " She said, not with the mouth as n inch from my ear and then a breathless voice. "Well, honey clarified," I s head was still below the strong spray and my hair and companion shower, rubbing against me, while working foam hair of my s. I was really startingthe desire to finish my work at home n Coochie ago. "nervousness and excitement had begun to merge, when I heard I say. " Could well finish the job of wash ' n His hands slid over my breasts and pushed by my erect nipples. I cried and walked away, turns around so that my back was crushed in the corner of the shower. The look on Chris 's face was similar to the one I saw was when I threw over again if I had helped out was my dress, but somehow it is now intense. " Relax treasure... I will not hurt you. " He reached out to touch me over again. With arms over my chest, I turned to the side and jumped into the corner. My eyes were closed, but caught the look of disappointment on his face n. She stroked my hair wet and mild pain reliever. " I have a pair of large gold rims look great on you, when hair done," he said, while playing with my ears. "I'm going to give it to you if you let meFinish washing. " I'm not sure why I did so shy. There is no doubt that I was a little honestly say uncomfortable with this mature woman naked in the shower with me, but, , I am more than embarrassed to be. I got a kick out of teasing men, but now I see that tempt a susceptible woman was so fun. it is curious that no remembered. a generous offer of Chris can be profitable as as well as interesting, if I can get away with it, as Preteen Upskirt he was tempted, , earrings do not know what to get - I n Nestled in ? the corner of the shower with running water all about, was becoming in my opinion, almost as fast as my heart was pounding and my pussy realization of the charm of the profitability of innocence. "s was the presentation in my head like a neon sign. Chris took the bath puff and apply a little soap. Without the permission of that n the things started a little rough on my shoulder. My arms were ov yet overcomemy breasts. I looked into the pleading eyes for a moment and my eyes fell nudity. pedophile My hairdresser was thin and had a lot of sagging breasts, which hung almost to the bottom of his ribs. Your nipples and pointy nipples directly to me. They were a shade or two darker than your skin dark and a reddish hue to them. When I arrived at her soft belly, I was surprised only see a narrow line of very short hair, pointed like an arrow fold. I blinked, because I could not believe what their internal towers pussy. His lips seemed very small compared with the folds wavy between them. My pussy was rhythmically twitching, as I finished the search and went to front of Chris to stay Preteen Upskirt an extra hit on her tits. " Maybe you want me to wash in place, " he said, giving me a blow. The offer is subtle contraction between my legs became a strong pulse. My hand was shaking when I moved the ball with plastic soap includedhis upper chest. Foam ran over her breasts hanging in streams and glide over her dark areola round before the shower n ground. Chris grabbed her wrist and guided my hand, and bath puff at the coronation small circular areola of the left breast. She made a bit strange noise when the material in contact with the rough nipples pert and pulled my hand tightly against his chest. I felt a hot burst my lower belly, breasts mashed ripe under pressure. You took my hand firmly in place for a few seconds I realized that his eyes were closed. When she opened her wrists and threw both put their hands in my sweater puppies growing cup. The increase in I felt really on my coochie was close to what I had come to believe that a orgasm - I was a big surprise. My knees were a little weak. I fell, and I think it was a combination of the deep moan that made ​​my heart is encouraged. his shoe soap and waterhands and began massaging my breasts youthful enthusiasm. I dropped the tool to wash my hands and apply directly to the teats Chris ' replicate their attention on me. I was completely lost in the feelings , smooth, full, hanging breasts in my hands, and his hands squeezing and teasing my smallest pair firmer. We played with them, as it seemed a long time. I eyes jumped from the breasts of my hairdresser, and the manner in which crushing and my ​​small hands molding and large dark brown boobies in my hands n. Color, almost mixed and worked on the hill immature in the chest to create the best waves over me. Finally, had Preteen Upskirt to close my eyes and just soak in the foreplay. I could hear myself making involuntary sounds and I thought Chris was doing is the same, but I could not be sure. Sight and sound have been a low priority at the bottom to take the physical pleasure. With eyes closed, he felt his upper bodyforward and down, so I let my elbows and forearms flex toy follow my flesh. that took my left nipple in his mouth and a black circle sticking my stiff nipple with his tongue. It was the face for the first time to enjoy my delicate pins. The feeling was like nothing I had imagined and I felt myself sinking to the ground. Chris won the suction and tongue flicking in keeping my ​​nipples all the way. When I was in the hard marble floor, sit breasts boobie changed and my right to equal treatment of oral homage exciting n. She slipped on my abs probing my navel company with the tongue before lifting his knees on his shoulders. my ​​childhood I felt bloated, buried in the thick mop of black hair, a part of. that s so hard pounding I could almost feel the beat n out. Chris moved lower kissing my thighs while walking. I put my hand on top of the head to stop its progress. The appearance of horror on her face was exciting in itself. "We have not realland washing, but I still ringing in my ears, " said out of breath. " honey of course... all you want, "he promised. The words were music to my ears and I slid my hand back n by n from office provisional on the front of an encouraging position in the. Seconds later, his language is sent me reeling into a place of ecstasy so powerful that I'm sure it was going to faint. then my barber s lap still in my pussy discharge hot waterfalls, all the sweetness gone, and then went n gone. I sat there stunned by what had happened. I had thought that there brought me to orgasm with fingers, but now, with the joy experienced Chris mouth caused, I decided that maybe I really did not ejaculate inside n put his tongue in my Clitty. the next thing I knew I was always on my feet and dry. is is already in a big fluffy towel wrapped. When my baggage the bathroom in the room next door. We ths bed, and that n sat on the side. Keep hands, looked at me and said, " Would you do this to me... uh," What I did for you in the shower " heard his words, but my spirit seemed to put my wonderful discovery it did not respond. Chris looked into his eyes for a moment with most of the needy pleading. reached down and opened the bottom of the towel exposing her thin, fleshy thighs space where they are. A pushing the hips to the edge of the bed, bent over and spread her femininity. I in absolute fear of fuck how long the wings. " Plee... "Said Chris. I was stuck still in my little world, but with the hairdresser, so explicitly shows her pussy begin to tremble again. A thirteen, I would suggest a series of women, but only with the woman or girl is nature walk. All that is visually explored in detail vulva is myself. While I was watching Chris with both hands, her lips drawn a lot Hin -I could see the milky liquid pool at the base of the wound. that s sank a finger into the red and began to expand gradually and in the n out. My eyes on the face, and went back the needy pathetic expression looked tense. " Unless you take your towel... It helps me a lot," I asked my host and noticed that they now have three fingers in and out of her pussy. My mind cleared and I remembered the timidity of character, beat me in the shower. ` If I was not shy, not offered, I have the earrings," I thought. N I forced a little plaintive cry, "but... But I am afraid, " I lied. Facing Chris was always red and his hand moved faster. " Your mother told me 200-100 and fifty dollars to make hair "said he n in tense voice. " If... if you help me, I... I'll give fifty there. " removed her fingers began bright and fast on the rub n out, moving the coochie all up and down - and freedomd. I researched passionate expression for a moment and then said : " Well... okay, a hundred, " he struggled to get out the words " one hundred ".. to his knees and around her pussy was still full and fleshy that it appeared from a distance. It looked swollen and all his step was light. As soon as I knelt between her legs wide open to it and grabbed my arm. "Put your hand in," he demanded I took her hand to her swollen bright femininity. You have said that the hand, but I thought his fingers, which fell two places to soppy her hot velvety depth, as I did many times. My fingers, in fact, my whole hand was very small. I moved them around n always a thrill that shot my height and arm broken in two to get to my the shoulder. In the stand of the half went directly to my childhood, and the other half went to my head. Chris fell back into bed with a groan and said : "... but they all put in" Put all the toes together I started pumping in and out of my slippery pussy barber. The large flap of skin on the tunnel folded up and down, alternately display and hide the size of a finger clitoris. The large slender dark-skinned woman was again lying on the bed panting and smoking. " Make a fist," he ordered. " Make a fist and take me with him! " N The request surprised me at first, but I realized that even with all my the fingers, there is still room left. The majority of my hand was covered with her juices and when he retired and not , as we have asked. I was happy with my little fist fell wonder in and out of her pussy yawns in deeper penetration of her long, thick lips around my wrist. I do not know how long I was at his fist, except that my arm was always tired and their juices filled with the crack of her ass and soaked the sheet under it. Just as I wonder how much longer I can keep hips and threw resisted, and cried with a loud shuddering orgasm. I was Preteen Upskirt exhausted and the record is dragged to the bed of my first lesbian bed lovers. The next thing I knew it was morning. Chris woke me with a kiss on the forehead and took me naked on the marble private. I was sitting in her makeup chair, and she quickly cut and highlights in my black hair. I remember wondering if my mother was always worth your money, such as finished style. On the way out the door Chris gave me a jewelry box and a hundred dollar bill. " Thanks ! " He told me that, whatever the feeling of an exciting rising through me, I had a decided sexual focus. " worth every penny," the hairdresser said I was heading to his car. " The next time you can skip the preliminaries and business, including," speculated. The next time ` -` I thought I caught a giant pulse between her legs.
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